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Psychiatric Evaluations


Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

A 60-minute visit called the Initial Evaluation is designed to acquaint ourselves with you and your treatment objectives. 


During this session, we will delve into your emotions, as well as the current sources of stress in your life. Our holistic approach concentrates on the complete individual rather than solely addressing mental health symptoms. In providing care, we adopt a patient-centered approach customized to suit your specific needs and goals. 

Clients can anticipate gaining a more profound comprehension of their mental health condition, encompassing their symptoms, the factors contributing to their condition, and the available treatment alternatives. Our priorities emphasize personalized treatment plans, enhancing symptom management, and fostering heightened self-awareness and insight.

Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric Evaluation is required to diagnose behavioral, developmental, or emotional disorders. Psychiatric evaluation is a human mental health assessment where a mental health experts gently tests if a patient is suffering from any mental severe mental disorder or needs general therapy.

At Mind Haven Behavioral Health Services, we provide passionate care for 6 years old to adult patients with our psychiatric evaluation service.

 Our professional mental health experts evaluate their mental conditions and symptoms to develop a personalized psychiatric treatment and medicine plan to cure and maintain overall mental well-being.

We aim to help people with appropriate online mental health treatment in Texas & Mexico return to their best life.

Our Process of Psychiatric Evaluation

First, we arrange an interview session with your mental health experts. The mental health experts will ask about your history, symptoms, experiences, feelings, and thoughts.

You might also be asked to let your family members or loved ones understand more about your life and your daily routine.

Why Choose Our Psychiatric Evaluation Service?

At Mind Haven Behavioral Health Services, we have accomplished a robust reputation by providing compassionate and professional psychiatric evaluation services with the help of long-tenured experienced specialists that help our clients become aware of their mental issues and treatment plan accurately.