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Follow Up Evaluations


Follow Up Evaluations

Our follow-up evaluation process is important in the mental health care service. Psychiatrists and Psychologists take follow-ups to observe the out-coming results from the prescribed medicines and therapies.


If you or someone close to you is facing mental health issues, it is crucial to consult with mental health professionals. After undergoing an initial assessment and getting prescribed appropriate medicines or therapy, it is highly recommendation acquire regular follow-up evaluations to monitor the progress of your healing journey.

By having a follow-up evaluation, you can stay informed about the real-time condition of your or your loved one’s mental well-being. It facilitates effective therapy sessions and medication management while reducing the chances of the condition’s re-occurrence or worsening.

Follow -Up Visits

Following the initial evaluation, we arrange subsequent appointments for the purpose of follow-up. The frequency of these visits will be determined according to individual circumstances, and together we can decide on the most appropriate schedule. During these follow-up visits, which are typically 30 minutes in duration, the focus is primarily on counseling and medication management.

Medication Management

A medication management appointment entails a concise 20-minute consultation to discuss your current medication, assess any improvements, and address potential side effects. During this session, we will evaluate whether any adjustments or changes to the medication regimen are necessary.


A psychotherapy session, commonly called “talk therapy,” is a 30-minute appointment to tackle emotional and psychological issues. It aims to delve into thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to understand the client’s difficulties better and establish coping strategies for personal growth.